Stitch A Book

create your own cover

Stitch a book is a beginner level sew it yourself project that allows you to create your own cover.  The Stitch a book binders are 8.5 x 5.5”, half of regular size making it easy to handle and carry.  There are 2 sizes of Stitch a book vinyl binders, the difference is in the width.  The medium binder is a 3/4” ring width and the large binder is a 1” ring width.  Each subject will tell you what width binder is right for you.  The Cover Instructions are easy to read and follow, and is designed for a single fabric cover.  You may experiment after making your first cover with different techniques to embellish the cover, like appliqués, iron-ons, or  embroidered effects.  The possibilities are limitless.  Have Fun!!