president’s message

I’m in the middle.

I’m middle-aged, middle-class, with a middle amount of computer know-how. I’m an artsy-crafty gal who just went out looking to buy an address book – a plain, old fashioned address book. The kind my mother had and her mother had.

Call me crazy, but I feel my home would be incomplete without a “hard copy” address book. Throughout the years I have wonderful memories of making good use of that dependable old friend for writing cards and letters for all occasions.

Enter the Computer Age.

While I’ve got a computer, a smart- phone and all the address book bells and whistles on both, I still felt the need for a hard copy address book. My current address book wasn’t holding the right kinds of information. You know what I mean: home, work and cell phones, a couple email addresses for each, family websites etc.

My quest to find the “holy grail” of address books proved futile. Forget the high prices in the stores and online. I was not willing to pay for something that did not meet my info management needs.

Like you, I pride myself in making unusual gifts. With that feeling, combined with my love and knowledge of quilting, I decided to create my own customized address book. Since this was to be my own creation, I could include every conceivable information field I wanted. So, I began listing those options. Besides the info mentioned above, why not add calendars, business information, birthdays? My concept of the perfect Address book and Organizer took shape. I made a few extra books for friends and family who encouraged me to make more.

A business is born

After I designed the inner workings, I looked at options for the outer portion. For a cover, why not use some of my stash fabrics? That’s how I found an end use for some of my smaller quilt tops and quilt projects that were in mid-stream, headed for the “forever unfinished” box. All quilters have a stash box of these projects. Guess what? Those scraps make perfect book covers. And that’s just using cotton fabric. I have played around with leather, pleather, and upholstery fabric, and they all make great binder covers. Different techniques would certainly add interest as well. Machine or hand embroidery, photo to fabric, steam a seam are possible treatments that would work as well. I know there are so many creative sewers out there that would really have fun with this.


The Address book, Password book, Organizer, and Planner were very good sellers for me…until I designed the Quilt Journal in 2008. WOW !!! There was a tremendous need for this in the quilting community, and it has been selling like hotcakes ever since. The Large Quilt Journal is the Stitch a book #1 best seller. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see them in use.


The Cookbooks, Pet Sitters Guide, Prayer journal and Smart File were added to the collection.

Stitch a book started to enter the Quilt Shop Market with products sold to stores directly via wholesale.


2018, It has been a wonderful fun adventure with Stitch a book, and I am now winding down my inventory to pursue a different product and path. Thank you all for the support. LORI

Thank you,
Lori Mulholland
Stitch a book